About us

HFM is an online store that sells African fashion accessories in order to celebrate African heritage. Our items are symbols of cultural understanding and hope. We want to encourage and inspire people with our take on cultural fashion. The owner, Hewan Mengsteab was born in Ethiopia, raised in Dubai,UAE and received her Bachelor's degree in the USA. The items in these collections are inspired by her international heritage and love for meshing eastern and western culture. All items authentically created and priced for the everyday Africa Lover. On our website we provide outfit and style inspirations for both men and women.

Owner Biography

"I am a daughter for two entrepreneurs and world travelers, and the fruit has not fallen far from the tree. The inspiration for HFM came about when I was extremely homesick and I had missed being around familiar faces and culture. My sister gave me an Axum cross when she realized and it was exactly what I needed to keep me connected to my roots. Sometimes we have little symbols that can bring so much peace and feeling of home back into our hearts. I hope that my site can give others what my Axum cross gave me, a symbol of home." - Hewan Mengsteab